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Interested in getting your novels published? If your answer is yes, you’re just a few steps away from publishing your content to an audience of millions.

Simply follow the steps below:

  1. First, register a NISBook account.
  2. Secondly, hit the tab ‘Apply To Be An Author’.
  3. Login to NISbook Author Zone.
  4. You’re ready to go! Start uploading your content and update your stories!

Note: All authors are required to fill in the email address of their PayPal account when applying to be an Author at NISbook. The PayPal Gateway is the only way which the authors can receive their earnings.



Want to kickstart your writing journey on NISBook? Here are some of the steps that would help you out!

  1. After logging into your Author Zone page, select the MY BOOK icon and click on CREATE NEW BOOK tab.
  2. This will open your new drafted content where you’ll make your content ready for publishing
  3. Click on EDIT DETAILS and key in the designated BOOK NAME, CATEGORY and SYNOPSIS of your new book. Hence, you can also UPLOAD your BOOK COVER image.
  4. To start writing your content for the book, click on ADD NEW CHAPTER.
  5. Once you had completed your writing for the book. Click on the COMPLETE BOOK button.


Once you had completed your writing for the book, it’s time to fill up the basic introduction for your new book.

To kick-start on your writing for your book’s introduction:

  1. Click on ADD PREFACE to key in the introduction of your new book.
  2. Adding in a detailed introduction would help with your book’s SEO.

Now, you are all set to publish your book!


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Wanting to get your stories contracted? Here are the steps to follow:

  1. UPLOAD and PUBLISH a new story.
  2. Ensure that your stories are frequently updated with a total number of word count exceeding 10,000 words in the free chapters.
  3. Select the application to CONTRACTING in the NISBook’s author zone and SIGN the ‘Merchant Agreement’ with NISBook.
  4. Wait for your contracting application to be approved (May take up to 2 working days).
  5. Once your contract application had been approved. You can now update the VIP CHAPTERS in your stories.
  6. CHECK your profits at NISBook and withdraw your earnings to your designated PayPal account.


At NISBook, all authors would be able to receive their earnings via PayPal.

○ Prior to receiving the earnings, all authors would be required to apply for the withdrawal of their earnings on their Author Zone page.
○ Once the application for withdrawal is sent, the NISBook Admin will receive the notification and approve the withdrawal application.
○ The designated earning withdrawal of the author will be sent to the PayPal Account in 7 working days.

Note: The minimal amount for withdrawal is 10 US dollars.

How much an author can earn approximately?

The earnings of the author will be based on how many times the VIP Chapters had been sold:

  1. Each chapter of the VIP Works will be priced in accordance with the following formula:


Price of each chapter of the VIP Works = Number of words in the chapter (rounded down to the nearest thousand) X US$0.040

* The price will rounded up to the nearest US$0.001.

  1. By way of example; if a paid chapter is 5,300 words long, the price of the paid chapter would be calculated as follows: 0.040*5000/ 1000 = US$0.200. If the specific chapter has been sold for 2000 times, the total income of the chapter will be calculated as follows: 0.200*2000 = US$400.
  2. For a contracted story; if the author updates an average of 1,000 words of VIP chapter per day and each chapter is subscribed to an average of 1,000 times. Each chapter earns approximately about 40 dollars. If a year is calculated as 365 days, we can multiple $40 with 365 days. Resulting in the annual earning of an approximate US$14,600.

NISBook makes no warranties or guarantees that the Author will obtain any commercial success through the VIP Works or the Author’s participation on the Platform.

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