Chapter One: The Big Move


Violet and her family are moving into a new home.  While sorting out her room, Violet finds a phone.  Being curious, she switches it on and goes through the messages.  The phone belongs to a girl named Tara. When ‘Tara’ starts getting messages from a certain Damien, Violet cannot help but reply.  She pretends she is Tara.  Violet and Damien become more than friendly online and a relationship starts to develop.  It gets to the point where Violet cannot tell Damien she is not Tara.  She has fallen in love with him.  He has fallen in love with her.

Chapter One -The Big Move

Violet sat on the floor, leaning against the wall in her room. It was empty and this would be the last time she would ever sit there.  Tears streamed down her cheeks.  She didn’t want to leave town and everything that she knew.  She didn’t want to leave her friends and she was really going to miss Jack.  Just as they were starting to cross that line and be more than friends, she had to leave.  She felt furious with her step father for taking this new job and upsetting everything.

She sat there, dreaming about Jack.  About their time at the movies, their first dance and then their first kiss.

She did not want to leave him.

She heard her mom, Ellen, calling.

‘Come on Violet, it’s time to go.  We’re all waiting for you.’

Didn’t her mother understand how difficult this move was? She only ever thought about herself and Andrew, the new love of her life.  Violet had to put up with her mother’s new husband and leaving town. It was all a bit much.

‘Coming mom, ‘ she called back. ‘Just give me another five minutes.’

She stood up and pulled herself together.  She blew her nose, wiped her eyes, smoothed out her dress and breathed in deeply.  She could do this.

She walked outside and made her way to the waiting car.  Andrew, her stepfather, was already in the driver’s seat, anxious to get going.  He didn’t really care about the way Violet felt.

Well, maybe he did a little.

‘Violet.  I understand this is hard for you.  You’ll like your new school though, I promise.  And you’ll make new friends quickly. I am sorry about the move but you know we have to do it.  I have to take work wherever I find it.’

Violet muttered under her breath.  ‘Selfish idiot.’  Then she felt a bit bad and hoped Andrew hadn’t heard her.  He did lover he mom and he did make her happy.  Hhe was trying his best.  She supposed.

She got in the back seat, put in her earphones and switched on her music.  She closed her eyes and allowed herself to think of Jack one last time.  He hadn’t come to say goodbye, as he had promised her that morning.

Well, maybe it was time to move on. Even if she couldn’t stop thinking about that first kiss!

They were in the car for a total of five hours.  It was a long drive and although they had a few stops on the way, they were all shattered when they arrived.  The house wasn’t so bad, Violet thought to herself, as they went in for the first time.  It was on the edge of a forest and the views were really gorgeous.  Although to be honest, the town they had driven through was small and it didn’t look like anything was going on there.  There was one ice-cream shop, a waffle house, a vintage store, a boutique and no nightclubs or anything like that. It had seemed like a bit of a dump.

Tears started welling up again.  Moving was not easy.  She already missed her friends.

Hopefully the school really was a nice one.  She could maybe see herself hanging out in the waffle shop with a few fun girlfriends.

Andrew was already carrying the suitcases inside.

‘Leave mine please,’ Violet told him.  ‘I can do it.’

Their furniture had been delivered the day before and everything was pretty much in place.

There was the couch where she had first kissed Jack, although Violet told herself, she wasn’t going to think about that.

She wasn’t, but it was almost like her mother could read her mind.

‘I know you’re going to miss Jack,’ her mom said, sneaking up behind her and giving her a hug.  ‘And all your friends.  But you will meet new friends easily honey.  And there are plenty of boys.  You’re gorgeous and you’ll have a new boyfriend in no time at all.’

Ellen, her mom,  didn’t seem to mind the idea of moving at all.  Of course not, she had a new husband and a new house.  Everything was good for her.  Violet though had to move away from her friends, her almost almost boyfriend, and her Dad. She hadn’t allowed herself to think about that yet.  She was only going to see her dad every few months.

But then, he also had a new partner and a new life.  It all seemed so unfair.

Tears started to flow again. She did not want to live here.

‘Go to your room honey.  You can start unpacking your things.  Put your posters up on your wall.  You can make it really lovely and it will soon feel like home.  Don’t worry about this mess, we’ll deal with it.’

And so Violet made her way up the stairs and into her new bedroom.  The walls were painted a pale pink and there was a really old built in set of cupboards.  She started unpacking her clothes, laying them out in the drawers.

‘They could’ve at least cleaned up properly’, Violet thought to herself, as she took out some old papers and a little rubbish.  ‘Whoever lived here before was a bit of a mess.’

Violet wondered who would’ve had this room before her.  It would’ve been a girl, with the pink walls.  Maybe she had moved somewhere with her family and maybe she was feeling angry and sad too.

Maybe they were the same age!

As Violet was putting her underwear in the one drawer, she felt something at the back.  She reached in, trying to get it out.  She knew immediately that it was a phone.  How weird to leave a phone behind, she thought, although it must have been left by mistake.

She got the phone out, an iPhone 6.  It looked fairly new and it still had a little battery.

Violet immediately stopped unpacking.  At least this was interesting.  Maybe the phone belonged the girl whose bedroom this used to be.


She quickly dug out her own phone charger and put this phone into it, so it didn’t run out of battery.  She hoped she didn’t need a code.

Bingo!  There was no code needed. And on the cover of the phone was a photograph of a beautiful girl who did indeed look a little like herself.  She looked 16, was really pretty and had long blonde hair.  She was wearing a very sexy red lipstick and quite a low cut dress.  Her mother would never let her wear that colour lipstick or a dress that sexy!


She switched on the phone to see that there were 12 Whatsapps and 14 messages.

Should she read them?

Violet was sixteen and let’s be honest.  What sixteen year old wouldn’t have read the messages. She was in a new house, in a new town, and feeling a little unsettled.

Of course she read the messages.

Wouldn’t you have done exactly the same?


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