“Darling woman, darling mademoiselle, Geenah, yes? Darling Geenah.  I do declare, I am quite enamored by your delicate beauty.”

Gina was radiant, clearly head over heels in love with Boinfontaine.

“Before we can make love, or as you so succinctly put it, live in consortium omnia vitae, you will have to stop talking so funny.” Gina laughed, a hearty free-spirited laugh that was very new for her.

“Mademoiselle, I do declare, your progressive world certainly changed our beautiful language into a very vulgar monotone one.”

“it’s so beautiful here.” Gina turned towards Louis. “I love you. I am in love with you?” How would you say that in your old English?”

“I love you too, darling Geenah.  Ten years before I died, an old slave woman foretold my death. She did voodoo magic, and foretold that I would not leave this world, but dwell here alone, until the woman in gold fell in love with me. She said if I fall in love with you too, I will live again, and this plantation will not be dead as it is now, anymore. The earth will produce beauty and riches again. And we will love each other forever and ever. But first, I have to prove my love, and then tragedy will befall us, and then, we will make love every night forever and ever.”

“I want you. I want you, your body, and your soul, I have never wanted a man this much ever before, that is proof enough for me” Gina whispered, her voice slightly hoarse from anticipation.

“You are the most intoxicating woman I have ever seen” Louis mumbled, and they moved towards each other. “ Louis, oh Louis” Gina whispered, and then she sank into his strong arms, and he drew her close and the kissed deeply, and passionately.  Gina shivered uncontrollably, and then started crying softly.

“What is wrong my darling Geenah, are you not happy?  I myself am so happy I can sing and dance?”

“Kiss me again, Louis, hurry. Make love to me, now. You are the one.”

Louis took her into his arms and started to unbutton her top. As he kissed her neck, and then her shoulder, she shivered even more, but then someone kicked the door of the studio once, once again, and then shouldered the door and it burst from its frame and Frank almost fell into the studio.

He was drunk, and he took a bottle out of his pocket and took the cap off with his lips, and spit it out. The cap rolled over the floor, and Gina stared at it, and then hastily buttoned her blouse up to her neck.

“What in God’s name are you doing, you sick bitch!”

“Frank, what are you doing.  Have you lost your mind. Are you drunk?”

“Rather drunk than fucking insane.”

“Your language? I’m not used to hearing you use such foul language.”

“Why don’t you just shut up, whore.”

“What? Frank, stop now before you go too far, and say things you can never un-say. Please, sit down, let’s talk.”

Frank took his bottle and threw it towards the wall with all his strength. The bottle shattered into a million pieces, and Frank inched forward, lifting his hand as if to hit Gina.

“Frank Watts, don’t you dare, don’t you dare hit me.” Gina was adamant now, and Frank apparently didn’t like her tone. He inched forward again.

“I already sorted your dad out, bitch.  I’m sick of pretending. Always smiling, always being good old Frank. You know what, I don’t give a shit about anybody, about anything. My whole life has been one long act. I like violence. There, I’ve said it. I fooled a lot of people for a long time. Your dad begged me, like a girl, before I beat him to a pulp. Look at my hands bitch. All bloody. These are pieces of your dad’s skull. And now I’m finishing you off too.  You remember Beatrice, the one that disappeared.  She screwed around behind my back too. She is swimming with the fishes now.”

Frank laughed wildly at his own little mafia-joke.  “You picked the wrong man to screw with, little Gina.” He ridiculed her, pronouncing it ‘”Leetle Ji-ie-na”

Frank turned around, and took hold of a hammer Jeremiah used to chisel marble with. He turned towards Gina, grimaced, his eyes staring at her madly. “Say goodnight Gina” he screamed and he came towards for her.


Louis Boinfontaine’s voice suddenly thundered through the room, and Frank hesitated for just a millisecond. He cocked his head, and turned towards the voice. The lamp on the table next to Frank shattered, and the power went out. Something flashed in the dark, and the power hissed and stuttered and the lights came back on.

Frank stood frozen, too astonished to move. He pointed at Louis, and tried to speak, but he couldn’t make a sound.  Louis rushed towards him, and grabbed the hammer, and flung it across the room, as far from Frank as he could.  Frank was docile now, his bravado and rage subsided by his lack of understanding.

“Who are you?” he kept asking Louis.

“I am Louis Boinfontaine, the fiancé of this lovely young woman. And I am the man who saved her life. And you, my dear messieur, are going to be locked up for a very long time.”



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